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R.I.P Judi Malone aka Silenceberry

I know it's been a very long time since I've posted, but I would like to ask everyone to keep the Malone family in their prayers. Judi was one of my Livejournal friends I met through Help New Zealand. She passed from complications with a heart surgery. She was a very kind person. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

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Stop Uganda Law

Hello friends!

There isn't much time left to sign this.In less than 12 hours, the Ugandan Parlimaent are going to be voting on a bill that will carry a death penalty for being gay. This bill was almost passed once before, but because so many people all over the world protested it, it wasn't passed.

I would like to ask all my friends to sign this petition and then pass on the word. We can stop this horrible injustice. The more people that sign, the better. 

Thank you.
I promise I won't push political issues like this down your throat too often. XD 
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Confused Holidays.

Ok, so I'm not sure how many people on here believe in ghosts, but I've been pretty sure that my house is haunted for a while now. Today, I feel like I have been proven right.

So today, I was downstairs by myself and around mindnight, I decided to go upstairs. After I got into my room though, I realized I had left all of my bags in the car, so I went back downstairs to get them. When I came in, I put the keys away and turned into the other room to get to the stairs and in the middle of the floor this really creepy Santa doll we have was just lying there. I know it wasn't there before because it's really too big to miss and I had passed that exact spot 2 other times and it wasn't there.

It totally scared me and now I'm hiding in my room and hoping I don't wake up to see it staring at me later. I'll see if I can get a picture of it tomorrow... or technically later today.... and I'll show you why this thing creeps me out so bad.

Last I checked, Easter was coming up. Not Christmas. And definitely not Halloween, so I should not be feeling scared.

I just felt like sharing this experience with someone.
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LOTR Fanfic Recs

When I go to read fics for Lord of the Rings, I usually look for Aragorn and Legolas fics. Now while I slash a lot of things, Lord of the Rings is surprisingly one of the things I don't.  So enjoy some fun Friendship fics. :D I've also got some fun fics that surround the whole Fellowship, so everyone's included!

Silivren Tinu is one of my alltime favorite fanfic authors. She has some amazingly well writted stuff and gets everyone in character very well. I suggest all of her stuff, but my particular favorites are:

~Facets of Friendship - A collection of oneshots surrounding Aragorn and Legolas. These skip around on the timeline and are both funny and serious. There isn't one in here I don't like. :)

~The Theif  -A really funny story that involves Aragorn, Legolas, Halbarad, and a theif. Another one of my favorites.

~Hunted One of the "captured by orc" stories, but this one is really well writted. Usually this plot can get kind of boring since so many people have done it, but this one's really nicely done and keeps you on your toes. :)

Evergreene is another author I'm pretty fond of. :) She also writes Supernatural fanfiction, but to be honest, I haven't read any of those yet. I'm sure they're as good as her LOTR fics. :) Some of her's are:

~Of Men, Elves, and Snowballs- I always love it when people can make well written LOTR stories. It can be really hard to do correctly, and she really pulls it off. This takes place on the walk to Caradhras and Aragorn finds it unfair that Legolas can walk on snow.

~In Imladris this takes place in Rivendell before the Fellowship leaves on it's quest. There's a chapter for each member and each one takes place in a different person's POV. It's both humorus and serious. I love it!

~Games People Play- Another very funny one that involves the whole Fellowship, but revolves mostly around Aragorn and Legolas. Very sweet and entertaining!

Other Fanfics I like that aren't by either of those authors:
Quietly Into the Night by Sadie Elfgirl- Another well done captured by orcs story. Full of angst. I love it to pieces.

An Unusual Place for a Heart to Heart by Sarah-K1. Another one that's a good blend of angst and humor. It's extremely well done!

Midnight Snacks by sheraiah: A really sweet story surrounding Pippin, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. :)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Happy Reading!

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The Hobbit!

There are no words to describe my happiness right now.

I lied.

There's one. That word is: gnkeabhgjkngkamjvngkbhgemjkSQUEE! <3

There's a video log by Peter Jackson on the set of the Hobbit. It's so beautifully awesome. They have all the old sets up plus some new ones and they showed the costume room, and I'm insanely geeking out right now!

Watching that made me want to do a little dance and read some fanfics while listening to the Lord of the Rings Musical soundtrack.

I think I'm going to do just that.
But before I do, here's the video. Watch it and be happy. I will post recs later for some awesome LOTR fanfics. I have quite a collections of ones Iike. If anyone else knows any, please recommend some for me!

The road goes ever on and on. <3
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Blah. :P

To quote Charlie Sheen: If you borrowed my brain for five seconds, you’d be like, ‘Dude! Can’t handle it, unplug this bastard!’ It fires in a way that’s maybe not from, uh… this terrestrial realm.

Ok, so I'm not that crazy, but my mind is in a billion places at once this week. XD

I've got so many ideas in my head that want to be realeased. I'm trying to get not one, not two, but THREE webcomics started with a friend, and we don't have an artist. We're advertising on DeviantArt, but we haven't had much luck. I guess it's cause our idea's a bit on the.... mature side. XD We have no money to pay an artist either, so we have to find someone willing to do it for free.

School-wise I have an 8 page paper to write on Mormonism by next Thursday, so naturally I'm procrastinating and attempting to work on my own plotbunny. It was going to be a novel, but I might want to webcomic it up too... I still need to figure out the ending of that though, and take what I have and make it into chapters. :P

I need a writing buddy or something. Someone I can bounce ideas off of and who can keep on top of me. XD I tend to get distracted with other things so my writing never gets done. I'll probably see if I can get something like that in the next Japan auction. XD

And on top of all that I'm in 3 different scenes for my acting class and the directing class I'm helping with, I'm prop manager for another play, and on Wednesday I have a callback for a one act. It's times like this that I think should just give in and switch my major to theatre.

So now that everyone is thoroughly bored with my life, I'm making a recommendation for every fan of slash that I know to go watch the 2004 version of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. It's gorgeous. It involves Jeramy Irons and Joseph Fiennes. If you want a really good analysis of it, read the post  brittanyksduh  wrote about it! It's a lot of fun!
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Top 10s

So brittanyksduh did a top 10 slash pairing list a while ago and I've been thinking about my top 10 list of slash and het pairings ever since. I think I've finally decided, so I hope my explanations make coherant sense. XD 

1. Kirk/Spock- Star rek: TOS and IX
Between the eye sex, the flirty dialogue, and the touchy-feely-ness, this pairing has it all! XD They're adorable. These two not only have the sexual tension, but the romance. Kirk gives up the Enterprise, what many people consider to be his "one true love", to save Spock. They are able to communicate without even talking because they know each other so well. I think that's cute. =D

2. Remus/Sirius- Harry Potter
I love them because it's easy to find both light hearted and depressing fics with them. XD You can have their happy school days or their angst filled life after Sirius escapes Azkaban. They're both very devoted to each other, especially when their kids. Sure they've had their disagreements, but what couple doesn't. I also like it because even thought Tonks and Lupin get married in cannon, I'm still able to justify this pairing without having to make things AU. XD

3. Holmes/Watson- Sherlock Holmes
I haven't read much of the books, but in the 2009 movie they really act like an old married couple and it's wonderful. Plus there's Holmes trying to break up Watson and Mary the whole movie. Interpret that how you will.  One of the things that really solidified the old married couple view to me was them arguing over Watson's waistcoat in the beginning. Easily made my day.

4. Axel/Roxas- Kingdom Hearts
They're freakin adorable. In the game they kind of "break up" when Roxas leaves, but they're still really sweet. This is one of the few pairings I'll go read AUs with, because no matter what world you put them in, they're squeeable and cute. XD

5. Gaara/Naruto- Naruto
To be honest, I was a little iffy with them as a couple for a while. I thought that they were better as good friends instead of a couple. But as I thought about it, I realized that they would be really cute. They both fully understand each other and what the other is going through since they both have the demons inside them. Pluss there's the fact that Gaara completely changed himself from a homicidal killer to someone able to be a just ruler of a village and someone who actually cares about others. Someone who inspires that kind of change in somone has to have a special place in their heart. Naruto also risked life and limb to save Gaara when he was kidnapped by the akatsuki. He used his own chakra to bring Gaara back to life. I think that's a pretty strong bond.

6. Kurt/Blaine- Glee
I'm happy they're cannon. XD I like the balance between them. You have Blaine who's really confident in who he is and with everything he does and then you have Kurt, who is proud of who he is, but not quite as confident in himself. They're really sweet and I hope they last a good long while. :D

7. Draco/Harry- Harry Potter
Another pairing I wasn't so sure about at first... but now I love them. xD Not gonna lie, I could definitely see it. They have such a fun dynamic! The way I see it is Harry's probably sick of all the special attention he gets because he's a hero. Everyone save Ron and Hermione kind of treat him like he's a god or something, and Harry isn't one to be very into that. Draco is one of the few who treats him the same way he treats everyone else. He doesn't treat him like he's a god. In fact, it's kind of the opposite. XD They'd be cute together.

8. Kyoya/Tamaki- Ouran Highschool Host Club
They voice actor of Kyoya even admitted that he performed Kyoya with the idea that he was in love with Tamaki. It's practically cannon. xDD These two are each other's confidants and represent to me, the idea of opposites attract. Tamaki's a spazz and Kyoya is very calm, cool, and collected. Tamaki thinks pleasing people is most inportant, and Kyoya is the Shadow King.

9. Collins/Angel- RENT
No. Way. A couple that's ACTUALLY CANNON?!? What is this new devilry?? XD But these two are so cute and heartbreaking. :( I'll Cover You is one of my favorite love songs ever and I bawl my eyes out every time I hear the Reprise of it.  

10.  Ciel/Sebastian
I just kind of got into them, and since Ciel's only 12, it's a little creepy. But if we think about it, Sebastion's an ageless demon, so age doesn't really matter. They have an intersting dynamic too. I like it, but I need to explore this pairing a bit more.

1. Sarah/Jareth- Labyrinth
This movie makes my life. I can't get enough of it. But this pairing's a lot of fun for a lot of reasons. xD They both have strong, stubborn attitudes and can be really sarcastic, so it's fun to hear them bicker. They're both also total romantics at heart though, so there's possilities for endless amounts of fluff as well. The only thing with them is they have to wait a few years after she runs the Labyrinth to hook up... otherwise that's creepy and wrong.

2. Kanda/Lenalee- D. Gray-Man
I know the manga looks like it's leaning more towards Allen/Lenalee as a pairing, but I think that her and Kanda would be adorable. They also have a good "opposites attract" thing about them. She's very bubbly and happy and he's..... not. Kanda always makes a big deal about how he won't waste his time saving anyone because it was they're fault that they got themselves in danger in the first place, however, he comes to Lenalee's rescue more than once. He also lets her in his room, which he never does, and allows her to go to him when she needs to hide from Levierre or if she's having problems. He doesn't do that for anyone else. It's cute.

3. Kyo/Tohru- Fruits Basket
So cute! I can't even put them into words. I love them. She's so innocent and Naive and he's so protective. It's adorable beyond words.

4. Orihime/Uryu- Bleach
They're both fairly innocent and shy in their own way, so they're the akward adorable. Plus I like how even though he's the "nerd" at school, he could end up with the girl all the guys want to date. 

5. Temari/Shikamaru- Naruto
They're another bickering couple. I love how Temari wears the pants in the relationship moreso than Shikamaru. Because he's so lazy, I almost think she'd have to propose to him! They also have some adorable and hilarious flirtacios banter between them. Temari's been my all time favorite character for a while, thanks to me cosplaying her, so naturally she made it into my favorite pairings with her bf. XD

6. Chane/Claire- Baccano!
I am copying and pasting this from my Baccano! review: Even though they really rush into things, you can just kind of tell that they'll be completely devoted to each other. Chane only knows how to show affection to her father before this point, and she put complete faith and trust in him (even though he's a toolbag). I think since that's the only way she knows how to show affection, it'll translate over into her relationship with Claire. 

7. Momo/Hitsugaya- Bleach
He's so super protective of her. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. And my favorite beyond favorite scene is when she talks to him after being in the hospital a while and he just looks so happy to see her. Then things kind of go badly after that, but they're still so cute!

8. Isaak/Miria- Baccano!
They make me laugh. They're insane, a little slow on the uptake, and just downright funny people. They never really do anything romantic, but they're still awesome.

9. Nice/Jacuzzi- Baccano!
Also copied from my Baccano review. And added to a bit: They're the perfect example of two people completing each other. He's scared of everything and she's fearless. I also think their backstory is entirely adorable. Plus they've been together 10 years! You can't get more adorable than that.

10. Robin/Starfire- Teen Titans
I haven't watched this show in years, but I remember when the movie came out, when they kissed I had a dance party in my living room. It was such a long time coming. XD They had the sweet and cute akward flriting. It makes me just as happy as bickering and snarky flirting. XD

DYNAMIC DUOS- Duos I love but not as a couple
1. Sam and Dean Winchester- Supernatural
I can see why a lot of people like WIncest, but honestly, I think making them a pairing kind of takes away from the brotherly bond they have. It's like saying "There's no way anyone can be that close as brothers. Something else has to be going on." when that's what the show's all about. They're epic brotherly bond.

2. Ed and Al Elric- Fullmetal Alchemist
See Sam and Dean's explination. XD

3. Aragorn and Legolas- Lord of the Rings
I think they're great best friends. They look out for each other, mock each other, and help each other. I really can't see them as a couple. Well, I can see why people make them a couple, but I don't particularly like them as a couple. I like Aragorn and Arwen. :)

4. Gaara and Kankuro- Naruto
Again, they're brothers. See Sam and Dean's explination. XD

5. Kanda and Allen- D. Gray-Man
They have kind of a Draco/Harry dynamic. Kanda always mocks Allen, but has his back. They have an odd friendship that is never talked about, but there none the less.

6. Robin and Raven- Teen Titans
I like them as friends because it's nice to see guys and girls be bffls instead of having to have a romantic interest in each other. Like I said with Legolas and Aragorn: They look out for each other, mock each other, and help each other. :)

7. Shikamaru and Chouji- Naruto
They just make me laugh. I don't think the two of them ever do anything together besides sitting in the grass eating and sleeping. But when they do have to get off their asses, they are good fighters and work together really well. They each know what the other one is thinking.

8.  Elphaba and Glinda- WICKED
<3 this musical. They're besties, but they're story of friendship always makes me cry. Not many stories about friendship do that.

9. Sam and Frodo- Lord of the Rings
In my opinion I see them as having almost a brotehrly relationship. Plus Sam and Rosie are just so gosh darn cute. XD

10. Mark and Roger- RENT
Again, they're best friends. They put up with each other's bullshit, help each other with thei problems, mock each other, and aren't afraid to point out when the other's doing something really stupid.

So there we go. All my favs. This took a week to accomplish, but it was worth it!

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iPod Shuffle


So first off I want to thank everyone who bid on one of my offers in help_nz  And everyone who I've won something from! I'm looking forward to my fanvid and bookmark!!

I got bored and found this. They're fun.

How am I feeling today?
Walking Through Showers- Vic Mignogna

Will I get far in life?
Cool from West Side Story

How do my friends see me?
When Your Good to Mama from Chicago 

Where will I get Married?
Gettin' Along from A Very Potter Sequel

What is my best friend's theme song?
Stone the Crows from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

What is the story of my life?
Tik Tok- Ke$ha

What is/was highschool like?
Sing- Glee/MCR

How can I get ahead in life?
Too Much Time on My Hands- Styx

What is the best thing about me?
Overture/Work Song- Les Miserables

How is today going to be?
My Mind Rebels At Stagnation- Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack

What is in store for this weekend?
Something's Coming from West Side Story

What song describes my parents?
Can I Show You- Vic Mignogna

To describe my grandparents?
Carry on my Wayward Son- Wynners

How is my life going?
Ain't got no Grass- Hair

What song will they play at my funeral?
Bonus Track: Pigfarts, Pigfarts Here I come from A Very Potter Musical ((I sincierly hope this is true)).

How does the world see me?
When Your an Addams from the Addams Family Musical

Will I have a happy life?
Expectation- Vic Mignogna 

What do my friends really think of me?
Along Came Bialy from The Produces

Do people secretly lust after me?
Animal- Neon Trees

How can I make myself happy?
Drink With Me from Les Miserable

What should I do with my life?
The Water's Edge- Vic Mignogna

Will I ever have children?
Finale from West Side Story

What is some good advice for me?
To Dance Again from AVPM

How will I be remembered?
Jesus Paid it All- Vic Mignogna

What is my signature dancing song?
Not Today from the Addams Family Musical

What do I think my current theme song is?
Hymn- Bond

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Prologue- Joseph and the Amazing Colored Dreamcoat

What type of men/women do you like?
Promises, Promises from...Promises, Promises.

Ok....most of those didn't make sense, but a few of them did. :)

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Possible Star Trek '12 "Villain"?

I should really get people to read this thing... Otherwise I'm just talking to myself, but that's alright! I want to get this out! Also, just an FYI, I say "villain" because as we know, Kirk & Co. come up against many forces, but not all are evil. Some are misunderstood, others are doing things within their customs, so are just forces of nature that need to be overcome. So while "villain" may not be the right word, it's the best I got for write now.

I've been randomly searching for movie rumors and such to get my fill of Trek-dom, and I ran accross one that's PARTICULARLY intersting. The rumon mill has busted out that the Star Trek '12 "villain" will be a character/race from The Original Series. Since this is an alternate timeline, the crew is just now starting the 5 year mission, and so in theory, should come across many of the people they did in the original TOS time line.

From comments I read on the original article, this seems to split fans in half opinion-wise. A lot of people think they should come up with an original villain, or take a race of aliens that TOS didn't explore the background of and try to build upon that. Others think it'll be entertaining to see this new crew come against people we know and love. I agree with both of those. If I were the writer, I think I would've come up with a new villain and then have a side story or a cameo at the beginning or end of another TOS character. Example: it starts with Kirk & Co. dropping Harry Mudd at a Star Base after what would have been "Mudd's Women" and then we see them move on to the next task which would be the movie's main plot. But that's just me. :) I'm going to be happy with the fact that I'm watching Chris Pine and Zach Quinto anyway, so it doesn't matter what they write. xD

Now, moving on to an even more interesting tidbit from the rumor mill, an apparent leak has been made as to who said "villain" will be. Some sent out a list of 5 possible characters, and claimed one of them was the for sure "villain".  The list is:
1. Gary Mitchell
2. Horta
3. Harry Mudd
4. Talosians
5. Trelane

Now, I'm not saying I believe for sure it's one of these 5. I know as well as the next person that this could be a load of BS, but I'd like to give my thoughts on these characters anyway.

1. Gary Mitchell- Honestly, I think it would make for a compelling movie to bring him back. It would be interesting to see how they put his character into the mix. In TOS, we know he was supposed to be Kirk's best friend from the Acadamy, but since we never saw him hanging around Kirk in the last movie, he would probably need to have a slightly different relationship with him. I think tihs would be a good chance to see both some goodaction fight sequences as well as show us some more of the intellectual side of Star Trek that us TOS fans know and love. If they do use Gary, I'm interested to see how they use him without just rehashing the episode and making it longer.

2. Horta- While my inner K/S fangirl would love to see this as it brought many a good slashy moments in Devil in the Dark, I don't really know how much they could do with the Horta. As the article I was reading stated, to do this, the whole movie would have to take place underground, which they wouldn't do. If the movie took place underground, we wouldn't be able to see much of the bridge crew, which would be sad. :( I think this would be another good choice for a beginning scene or if they made a referance to it at some point in the movie for us Trekkies to geek out about. Not a good choice for main "villain" though.

3. Harry Mudd- Like I said earlier, he'd be great to make an appearance at some point, but he wouldn't make a good main villian. He's the comedic relief con man. To have a movie as action packed and intense as the firt one and then suddenly switch to something so light hearted for the second one probably wouldn't work too well. The fans of the 2009 movie that haven't watched TOS probably wouldn't enjoy a movie like that. He would be great for a sub-plot or a cameo appearance,

4. Talosians- I think they'd be pretty interesting. Kind of like an Inception mind-fuck. Going against them would be more a battle of wits than a battle of strength, and I think that would be nice to see from our boys. We all know that Kirk is smart, no matter what his devil-may-care attitude says in this new timeline! I think they'd be able to work as a main villain.

5. Trelane- Personally, I think it could be interesting and entertaining, but I don't think they'll choose him without modifying his personality a bit. He's also kind of a comedic villain. He does have some powerful abilities, which could be fun to pit against the new Enterprise crew. He could alsobe a good way to make an intellectual battle and a battle of strength happen. If they make him a little more.... evil, I guess, and not acting so childish, I could see how he would work. But since the whole point of the original episode was that he was a child, it makes me think they wouldn't be able to change that without pissing off some hard core fans.

So long story short, out of those 5 I would pick Gary Mitchell, the Talosians, and MAYBE Trelane. Horta and Mudd are out in my book.

In my opinion, some other good opposing forces for the crew to face would have been the Doomsday Machine, and the Parasites from Opperation Annihilate! I like the crew going against forces like that. They cause you to think.

So there are my thoughts on that. :D

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A fic I wrote for Baccano! I know I promised icons.... but this idea was just begging to get typed up.

Title: Fireworks
Rating: G
Characters: Jacuzzi and Nice
Genre: Romance
Words: 1,345
Summary: While Jacuzzi is recovering from his fight with Graham, Nice shows hima very special creation of hers. JacxNice

Jacuzzi lay in bed and looked at the ceiling. He was starting to get sick of being bedridden. He had read just about every book that interested him that had been laying around, and even some that hadn’t. He had even resorted to reading the newspaper. Now there was nothing else to do, and nothing else but the ceiling to look at. There were some cracks up there that he was trying to make pictures out of. It was getting increasingly hard to do so, however, now that it was getting dark out.

He sighed and glanced at the empty chair next to him. He hadn’t had a visitor all day. Not that he minded of course. He knew that everyone was pretty busy. But he had gotten so used to having someone to talk to for a least a little portion of the day, that it only made him feel more restless now that he hadn’t had that. Before Chane had left with Claire, she would usually come visit him every day. Even if it was a rather one sided conversation, it was nice to have someone there. Even Nice hadn’t been able to drop by, since she was working on that deal with the people who wanted to by her fireworks.

He strained his eyes to fond more pictures in the ceiling, but it was just about impossible to do so now. He glanced out the window and realized just how late it was. The sun had finally set and the moon was up. He supposed he should probably get some sleep.

Almost the second his eyes closed, a loud boom sounded from outside his window. He eased himself out of bed and walked over to the window to get a better look. As he reached it, another boom resonated, but this time it was accompanied by colorful lights. Nice’s fireworks, he thought with a smile. He opened the window and leaned his head out. Sure enough, Nice was grinning up at him, a pile of fireworks next to her. Her glasses were glinting in the moonlight.

“I thought you could use some excitement.” She called up to him, “Think you can manage to walk outside for a little bit?”

He grinned back down at her, “I think so. I’ll be down there soon.”

“Do ya want me to come help you down the stairs?” She asked, grinning mischieviously.

He thought for a moment before sheepishly smiling and nodding, “If you don’t mind.”

After the incident with Graham Spector, he had tried to leave bed rest early to go with the others to a meeting about the fireworks and his knees gave out as he was going down the stairs. He hadn’t been seriously hurt. In fact, it was more embarrassing than painful.

“I’ll be up in a second!” She called. Soon she disappeared from view as she walked inside the door and he knew she was on her was up. He cautiously worked himself back to the bed and grabbed his shoes. He had gotten the first one on by the time she reached him. She sat down on the bed next to him while she waited.

“So did the meeting with that special effects company go well?” Jacuzzi asked.

“Sure did!” She grinned. “It looks like they’re going to be buying from us!”

“That’s wonderful Nice!” He grinned as he finished tying his other shoe.

“Yeah.” She said, “Now let me help you up. Don’t want you making yourself worse again.”

Jacuzzi smiled sheepishly again.

She gently helped him up off the bed and he put his arm around her shoulder to help steady himself. She walked him slowly over to the door and down the stairs. She had him rest for a bit at the bottom of the stairs before they moved outside. Jacuzzi took a deep breath of the fresh air, smelling the distinct smell of spring and a hint of the gun powder from the fireworks Nice had set off mixed with it. It was a very comfortable temerature out. Not too hot, and not too cold. He grinned, “It feels nice to be outside again.”

Nice smiled back at him, “I figured that you were getting stir crazy in there. Here, sit down.” She helped lower him to the ground before sitting next to him and digging through her pile of fireworks. They both sat in comfortable silence for a bit until Nice found the one she wanted.

“This one’s special.” She told Jacuzzi, smiling as she held it up for him to see.

“Aren’t they all special?” Jacuzzi asked. He knew that each firework she made was unique and had lots of thought and effort put into it.

“Not like this one.” Nice explained, her face softening a bit, “But I’ll explain later. Let’s blow this baby up.”

Jacuzzi laughed as she stood up and carried it a little ways from them. She lit a match and held it up to the wick before running back to Jacuzzi and sitting next to him, waiting for it to go off. He reached for her hand and their fingers entwined. They gave each other a quick smile before turning back to the firework. They watched as the wick got smaller and smaller before it finally exploded, turning the night sky beautiful shades of red and yellow and blue as loud booms and crashes filled the peaceful air.

Jacuzzi smiled and turned to Nice, “That was beautiful.”

She smiled softly, “I’m glad you like it. Do you know why it’s special?”

Jacuzzi shook his head. He had seen her make many fireworks before, of all sizes and colors. This one wasn’t the biggest or the most colorful she had ever made. It was beautiful though, and he knew all of Nice’s fireworks were a work of art.

Nice looked back up at the sky. The remnants of smoke drifted through the air. “I started working on this one not too long after we got off the train. It’s taken me forever to get it right.”

Jacuzzi watched her as she spoke, waiting patiently for the rest of the explanation. Her left side-the unscarred side- was facing him at the moment. He would never get over how beautiful she was, no matter what side he was looking at.

She smiled slightly and turned to look at him, “You know I’m bad at romantic stuff. And you’re not much better.” she teased. He laughed a little and she continued, “But I wanted to let you know, even though it was brief, and we weren’t sure if we’d see each other again, our kiss felt like that to me. I tried to put everything I had felt at that time into that firework. I figured it would be the easiest way for me to show you.”

Jacuzzi’s eyes widened. He could feel tears welling up, but he didn’t want to cry right now. Not even if they were happy tears.

She blushed a little and looked away. “Was that too mushy?”

Jacuzzi smiled, and realized he was losing the battle with the tears as one slipped down his face, “Not at all, Nice. That was beautiful.”

She looked back up at him and smiled, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replied, smiling through his tears.

And for the second time in their 10-year-long relationship, the two kissed. And Jacuzzi could see what she meant. He definitely felt fireworks.